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What Are the Options For Weighted Keys on Digital Pianos?

When you are buying a digital piano is very easy to feel confused about the different terminology and jargon used? Being digital pianos some of them have lots of wonderful technology that helps create the sounds you hear. This doesn’t help you understand the technology or help you to make the right choice. My article is going to help you understand the different options for weighted keys.

What are the different options? Almost all digital pianos have different key weighting and you quite often hear terms like:

– Light-weighted
– Semi-weighted
– Weighted
– Fully-weighted
– Heavy-weighted

First thing to point out is that all 61 and 76 key electronic keyboards no matter what the brand, come with light-weighted keys. Digital pianos on the other hand come with semi-weighted, weighted, fully weighted or heavy-weighted keys. These types of keys are heavier to touch than the typical electronic keyboard.

What is the best option?

When you buy a digital piano you have to make sure of one thing in terms of weighted keys – make sure they are Touch Sensitive.

What are Touch Sensitive Keys?

When pressing down a piano key softly it will provide a quiet sound. Equally when you press the key harder, you’ll get a loud sound. There are varying degrees of sensitivity in between. So the harder to play the keys the louder it gets, or the softer you strike the key, the quieter it will sound. Simple eh!

The main thing to remember is that if you practice on a piano without Touch Sensitive keys, you’ll end up playing with poor technique and the music you play will have very little expression. Digital pianos that come with fully weighted or heavy weighted keys replicate acoustic pianos more closely and would be the ideal choice for more advanced players.

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